Arlin William
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Arlin William
Austin Texas based User Experience Designer and empathizer trying to figure out the best exposure on my camera one perfectly failed photo at a time. 


Hey, I'm Arlin

I'm an Austin, TX-based designer and empathizer trying to figure out the best exposure on my camera one perfectly failed photo at a time.


About Me

While I enjoy the complexity of planning for the best course of action, I thrive at skillfully conquering obstacles along my journey to completing a project.

Currently, I'm focused on joining a design team that puts process, analytical user testing, and dogs-in-the-workplace at the forefront. Bonus points are given to any company who aims at improving our community through social interaction and branded content.

In my spare time I run a Stationery company full of my doodles and watercolors. I am also working on a fitness lifestyle brand with some weightlifting pals.

My Process

As an avid watcher of the Great British Bake-Off, I've learned that one must have a recipe for success. My recipe, or process, consists of 7 steps. When perfectly blended with my design skills, I have found a successful bake with every project I get to put my eye on. 

1 | Brief

Communicate & listen to project objectives from the client or project managers perspective

  • Create a shared understanding with stakeholders

  • Secure a roadmap

  • Outline deliverables

2 | Understand

Use curiosity to guide exploration & broaden current understanding

  • Further relationships with stakeholders in pursuit of a solution, not just project creation

  • Survey data and users for pain points and perspective

3 | Research

frame the problem while building a solution

  • Develop user journeys and product framework

  • Collaborate with colleagues to review findings

  • Establish a system for feedback and iteration

4 | Develop

create solutions & test till success

  • Lo to high fidelity prototyping

  • Internal vetting of concept

  • Highlight the need for empathy when testing with users

5 | Iterate

review feedback and adjust solutions to align with project goals

  • Review user & stakeholder feedback

  • When needed, adjust roadmap & timetables

6 | Implement

Prepare specifications and workflows with dev-ops in mind

  • Finalize deliverables for development

  • Package high fidelity assets

7 | Evolve

communicate transparently for future exploration

  • Establish follow up protocol

  • Create a document of findings and/or case study for the project

Design Skills

With the framework laid out, I use these design skills
to communicate and share understanding.

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As a Miami native and Austin transplant a good cup of coffee or a warm croissant is the best way to start a conversation.