Arlin William



Technology in Africa is on the rise. Raffia Palm aims to be the first point of contact for job-seekers and employers in the African tech sphere. In late 2016, I was contracted to create their logo sparking a partnership for future projects. This particular study dives into our journey of translating their existing web platform into a mobile application for new and experienced users.

CLIENT • Raffia Palm
ROLE • Designer
TIME • Since Late 2015
TEAM • Oluwaseun & AD, Jr. 

Web Home Page

Web Job Search

Web Profile Page




The website was created before I was brought on board. Their initial vision did not include a mobile specific platform. When Raffia's team, Oluwaseun and Junior, conducted User Testing they found that the need for a mobile app was high. For this project, our focus was to create a mobile platform that would seamlessly communicate with the website. Providing users with an on-the-go connection to their profile, encouraging routine usage. 



Research & Development

When analyzing the website I kept mobile paradigms and user issues at the forefront. I was supplied a data sheet their teams initial user testing. Prevalent qualitative points found during testing were:

  • Profile Improvement
  • Search Integration
  • Refined Sign Up

With this information in hand, I began to build a foundation of interactions for the application. I wanted to highlight innate cues and synonymous smart phone interactions. This led me to minimize their abundance of gestures, keeping to a tap and push flow.

The owners were concerned about using “typical” gestures and interactions. I helped them to understand that the uniform interaction wouldn’t take away from theirproduct. Instead it would enhance user comprehension in initial interaction and prolonged usage.  



Final Steps

Once we simplified the gestures and user flow a full prototype was put into production and is in user-testing once again. Take a look at our early prototype here





Phase 1 Draft