Arlin William



There are two things that most humans hate:

1. Going to the Doctor
2. Filling out paperwork.

Update My Records aimed to combine the two in an effort to ease our pain. I was called upon to streamline the interface, on brand, with a tight schedule. All while making sure, every step of the way, that the user was front and center.

Client • ennoview

My Roles • Designer, user testing & research

Time • 2 Weeks

Team • David, Development Lead & Micki, Marketing Director



The client and patient applications for UMR had to be separate in order to meet HIPAA compliancy. Essentially, we needed to design two cohesive entities that could interchange depending on the user. Our team had only 2 weeks till launch at the IECSC trade show in Las Vegas. 



The client personas consisted of Medical Spas (Med Spas) & other elective surgery clinics. Medical Spas have an interesting niche. Their target audience is narrow, making for great standards in which we based our market research off of. To start, our team meet to overview the process. I paired off with David, our development director, and we constructed a User Flow for the application.

  Initial Sketches

Initial Sketches

Using our points of interest we were able to design a user flow theory. The theory helped us create questions for our current Med Spa clients. The next day I sat in on phone calls with our sales and support teams to investigate our questions. I spoke to 15 clients and found the following discoveries from my research:

  • Surveyed clients of our MedSpa applications 4/5 were concerned with usability
  • Over 80% of the clients expressed no need for flourishes. Wanted something simple and easy to navigate.
  • Less than 8% were concerned about the online protocol for patient use.
  • Of those that enjoyed the idea of our platform, 37% asked for mirroring designs. Since they wouldn’t be able to physically walk the patient through the process.

Next, we created personas to frame our client data that we collected. This helped us explain the product intentions to our CEO, and also translate well during on-site demos at the product launch.

  J O A N 

 J O A N 

 S H E L L Y



Once our research was framed, I took on the role of wire-framing the pages and finalizing the user flow. I focused on a clean and minimal design encouraging quick action and fast turnaround for our developers. As for finalizing the user flow, David asked that I work out a possible mobile flow for future iterations.

Final Steps

Once, we made a group decision on the best mock-up and I passed the baton to development. Our clients received the product well at the trade show in Las Vegas.

This was a great opportunity for me as a designer to show how function is more important than fireworks. I have honed this idea over time while switching from a visual focus to user focus with my work.